The Falsehoods in Paganism; Paganism Part 3

I’m taking up a series of entries after several months… Hold on for a wild trip. I’ll speak mostly about some pagan ideas which have affected Christian thought, sometimes being adopted for valid reasons at the time. After all, the pagans knew many truths and gave them to us. It takes time, contemplation, and exploration … [Read more…]

Social Security: It Seemed Like a Good Idea

In my various writings, I’ve not had a good thing to say about the welfare systems and social security systems of our modern age. I only want to write a short entry explaining the basic principle behind my opposition to welfare systems and social security systems. We are physical creatures, creatures who need food and … [Read more…]

What is a Conservative?

This will be a short one and necessary only because there are so few who really care about ideas nowadays. We think in terms of policies, of immediate flows of cash and the resources which cash can buy in the modern world. And so it makes some limited sense in the context of our times … [Read more…]

The Peace of Christ: A Short Book in Process

In most of my posts, I’ve certainly seemed a pessimist, targeting the great problems of our age: moral decay and profound illiteracy in particular. As I’ve presented matters, modern men have the moral sensibilities of either self-righteous twelve year-olds or perverse twelve year-olds. Not options which are particularly attractive. Reading skills have decayed to the … [Read more…]

Carrying Our Crosses

I’ve made a tentative commitment to participate in the March for Life down in Washington in January of 2007. To be honest, I’m not going because I think it’s a worthwhile activity but only because it might be interesting. The Bible doesn’t tell us that we properly confront evil by putting on spectacles to amuse … [Read more…]

The Importance of Matter and Nature

In an earlier entry, I advocated the view that relationships are primary and substance comes into existence as a result of one or more relationships. Now, I’ll try to produce a more balanced view by saying why we Christians, perhaps others as well, should consider substance (or `essence’ in the usual philosophical talk) to be … [Read more…]

Symmetry-breaking, From Physics and Mathematics to Metaphysics

In “To See a World in a Grain of Sand”, I danced around an analogy that I can now see a little more clearly though I’m beginning to fear it’s more than just an analogy. Matter, particular being, results from a broken symmetry of metaphysical truths. In this claim, I’m basically exploring an expansion of … [Read more…]