Yay for emacs

Well, I might have found a way to use emacs to post to my WordPress blog, but it’ll be a little ugly until I write some code to do it smoothly. All I do is copy the text out of the file and paste it in the edit box on my WordPress installation. The annoying … [Read more…]

Disciplined imagination

My second try on this post after computer problems. As I argued in “To See a World in a Grain of Sand”, speculative thought is necessary to create the worldviews, or lesser intellectual systems, which make sense of even revealed truths. Good speculative thought is also an imaginative, even spiritual, effort. And modern people are … [Read more…]

Computer frustrations

Well, I’ve been burned by the crappy standards the computer industry has accepted because of Bill Gates’ desire to become wealthy even at the cost of destroying American minds and the American computer industry.  I use Netgear wireless transmitters to connect to my sister’s broadband connection and Netgear, along with an open-source, group supported by … [Read more…]