Updated Collection of Weblog Writings Now Available

I’ve uploaded an update to the collection of my weblog writings: Acts of Being: Selected Weblog Writings From 2006 to 2017. Here is the text from the Preface for this new edition:

I’ve added another 30 or so chapters to this Eighth Edition. All but this chapter are reformatted essays from my writings during 2017 which were published on my active weblog, Acts of Being.

In 2017, I continued to work—very fitfully—on the next novel in the series which started with Gathering the Silence, a story of a conversion to being an author on top of a conversion to Sacramental Christianity. This second novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, was put to the side due to various personal issues in the second half of 2016. I hope to finish Stranger in a Strange Land by July or so. I’ve also begun to work on other mothballed novels and seem to have little or no interest in working on a nonfiction book. I’ll continue writing shorter nonfiction pieces for my blog.