Unpublished Nonfiction Books

The interested reader can either download the books listed on this page or read them in a browser. The books are in pdf format and can be read with Adobe’s freely available reader or similar software. Most desktop systems will have the Adobe Reader or something of similar capabilities. If you don’t have such software, Adobe’s Reader can be obtained at their website: Adobe Reader to obtain a copy of this software.

I’m casting these books into the vast and virtual spaces of the Internet with only an informal copyright and no real legal protection. Though needing an income, I’m taking this radical, but increasingly common step, in the hopes that this book will serve God’s purposes, primarily by nurturing human minds in this era when too many of us have let our minds follow the decay-path of our cultures. For years spent as a corporate nomad, I was one of those. Recovery is a painful process.

I also admit that my two commercially published books have had minimal sales. God’s work must be done. If I can’t sell the fruits of my labors, I’ll have to give them away.

The first nonfiction book I put on the Internet for download is: Four Kinds of Knowledge: Revealed Knowledge, Speculative Knowledge, Scientific Empirical Knowledge, Practical Empirical Knowledge. This book is intended as a discussion of human knowledge and a denial of the ‘problem’ of human knowledge usually studied under the name of ‘epistemology’, a branch of philosophy forbidden to those who accept the claim of St. Thomas Aquinas that things are true.

In August of 2011, I put up a collection of weblog writings, organized by general topic. This collection has been updated each year-end, most recently as of December of 2017, to include writings published on this website during 2017: Acts of Being: Selected Weblog Writings From 2006 to 2017. I have gone through this process, long and arduous, because of my belief that there is something of lasting value in these short writings.

In March of 2012, I put up a new book: Human Rights: An Evolutionary and Christian Perspective. This book is a major expansion of an article with the same filename: rights.pdf.

In May of 2012, I put up a short collection of essays, a sampler from the more complete collection of my weblog writings: Making Peace with Empirical Reality. The title gives the theme. In June of 2012, I put up another sampler: The Human Mind.

In April of 2013, I put up a book in which I present a Christian understanding of human being, individual and communal: A Modern Understanding of Human Being.

In March of 2017, I put up a book in which I advocate the borrowing of concepts and tools from modern abstract mathematics for the purpose of better understanding complex entities such as human beings and the universe and all of Creation: The Shape of Reality.