New Title, Same New Stuff

I may confuse the search engines, but better to do it early on.  I changed to a title more descriptive of my efforts as a thinker and writer and worshiper of God.  To gain some slight understanding of the new title, go to the page on my only published book, “To See a World in … [Read more…]

What We Owe to God.

Mostly, we owe everything to our Creator, but there seems to be a general human desire to elaborate on even the most obvious truths. Consequently, I am providing a pdf file justice.pdf for the amusement of anyone who might care. The file can be downloaded or read in place using something like Adobe Reader.

More Posting Problems

On the whole, it has been a smooth road to setting up a website, partly because I chose to use WordPress as a simple content management system as well as blogger software. The remaining problems to finalizing a simple website are not too bad. When I copy up some text from my local emacs to … [Read more…]