Einstein and Bohr: Don’t tell God what to do!

Alastair Rae adds a wrinkle to a famous comment by Einstein: When Einstein said that ‘God does not play dice’, Bohr is said to have replied, ‘Don’t tell God what to do!’ [Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality, Alastair Rae, Cambridge University Press, Canto Edition, 1994, page 22] He notes that there’s some doubt as to … [Read more…]

The Metaphysics of Position, Momentum, and Missed Field-goals

After discussing a use of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to understand the results of experiments in the fairly straightforward case of the polarization of light-waves and of individual photons, Alastair Rae speculates: [If] we understood properly what the concepts of position and momentum mean on an atomic scale we might find it…illogical to possess definite values … [Read more…]